Inspire Prayer Resources

These resources are designed to be used with children individually or in small groups, but could easily be adapted for whole classes.

Many of the activities are based on Prayer Spaces in Schools ideas and often feature in GenR8 Inspire Prayer Space days.

Thankful Board  –   A reminder to ‘give thanks in all circumstances’ (1 Thessalonians 5:18), recognising goodness and beauty in people and the world around us.

Pray for the World – A reflection focusing on people living in other countries of the world and asking for God’s peace to be with people who live there. 

Natural Beauty – This reflection uses nature to inspire thinking about what we are grateful for, as outside we cannot help but see God’s amazing beauty!

Message in a Bottle – What do you need help with today?  The focus of this reflection is asking for help and for Christians, that help comes from God.

Just a MinuteIn 60 seconds, this reflection encourages children to think about all those whom they have interacted with that day and to do something to make a positive difference to someone else’s day.

Carbon Footprints – This reflection encourages children to think about some ways to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of energy they use. 

Hope Rope – Focusing on worries and anxieties, this reflection invites children to imagine their worries becoming untied as they undo knots on a length of string.

Changing Hands – As we get older, our character grows and changes too – we might become more confident or willing to try new things.  In this reflection, children are encouraged to think about the ways their character has grown. 

Be the Light – This reflection encourages children to think about who needs encouragement – to be a light shining brightly in their darkness.

Cardboard Home – Using a cardboard box as inspiration, children are encouraged to think about those who don’t have a warm, safe home and for whom a cardboard box might be their only shelter.

Bubble Prayers – This reflection is active and children are invited to blow bubbles! The Bible says we can give our worries to God because he cares for us so by blowing the bubbles, children are invited to blow their worries to God.

Fizzy Forgiveness – In this reflection children are asked to remember a time when they were hurt by things other people say or do to us.  They are then encouraged to forgive and let go of the hurt by watching an effervescent tablet dissolve in water.