Inspire Prayer Spaces

GenR8 Reflect Videos

For schools and churches to support their work with primary age children.

Summer Term 2022

Clouds – looking at clouds and thinking about God’s love for us

My Team – thinking about what it means to be part of a team

Spring Term 2022

Hope in Brokenness – reflects on hope for the world at this time

That’s Not Fair! – reflects on the importance of treating people and things in a fair way

Letting Go – encouragement to be still and breath out your worries

At The Mountain Top – reflection on what has been achieved over the last year

Autumn Term 2021 

Gifts – encouragement to look at the gifts we have

Handwritten – reflecting on how we remember things

Diversity Mosaic – encouragement to celebrate diversity

Peace – encouragement to find what peace means to you

Bouncing Back – encouragement to be resilient

Summer Term 2021 

Seasons of Change – reflecting on changes in life

Unique You – thinking about how unique we all are

Jumping for Joy – reflecting on what brings us joy

Under my Umbrella – thinking about protection and giving thanks

Opportunity Keys – thinking about opportunities and challenges

Spring Term 2021 

Toppling Temptation – reflection on what tempts us

A gift of kindness – reflection on sharing kindness with others

Plastic Planet – reflecting on the environment around us

Friendship Foundations  – thinking about Friendship

Autumn Term 2020 

Amazing Angels  – reflecting on Angels

Hope Blossoms  – reflecting on the hope that we have

Overcoming Challenges – reflecting on the challenges we face

Transforming Butterflies – thinking about change

Be Still – reflect in the quiet