Inspire Prayer Spaces

GenR8 Reflect Videos

For schools and churches to support their work with primary age children.

Reflect videos are about five minutes long and aim to give children the opportunity to pause, reflect, think, and pray, if they choose to.

Hope in Brokenness – A special reflection related to hope – particularly relevant at this time when there is conflict in so many places around the world

TitleReflecting on ...Related to ...Resources for activity
A Gift of Kindnessbeing kind and thoughtfulothers; communitytime for talking
Bouncing Backbeing resilient well-being; meball; space to bounce the ball
Cloudshow great God’s love is for usGod; outdoors; nature; world; meopportunity to go outside
Diversity Mosaiccelebrating diversityidentity; world; otherscoloured papers; scissors; glue sticks
Friendship Foundationthe importance of friendshipsrelationships; others; thankfulnesstime for planning and creating
Giftsour gifts and talents, with a chance to celebrate our individual gifts and abilitiesChristmas; Advent; identitytime for talking
Handwrittenbeing known by God: our names are written on his handsidentity; God; thankfulness; mepaper; pens
Jumping For Joywhat brings us joyhope; thankfulnesstime and space for jumping about
Leave It Behindleaving behind negative attitudes, behaviours or regretsforgiveness; God; sorry; worry; fear; help; mescrap paper; pens; bin
Letting Gobeing still and breathing out our worriesworry; fear; me; being stilltime for stillness
My Teamthe people who love us and cheer us onrelationships; family; community; others; thankfulness; mepaper; pens
Opportunity Keysopportunities and challenges in lifetransition; end of term; hope; worry; fear; mepaper; pens
Peacewhat peace means to uscommunity; nature; thankfulnesspaper; pencil; scissors
Remembrancethose in our lives that help us resolve conflictsrelationships; community; thankfulnessbuttons (on own clothing)
That’s Not Fairinjustice and the importance of treating people and things in a fair wayEaster; Lent; justice; helpstrips of paper; pens; glue stick
Thinking Positivelythe difference focusing on the positive can have on our mindsetwell-being; me; hopepaper; pens
Under My Umbrellaprotection and being looked afterfamily; relationships; thankfulnesstime needed for planning
Build It Upthe strength and encouragement of joining with othersrelationships; others; resiliencepaper; pencils; brick image
The Crownthe power to do goodhelp; communitypost-it notes; pens or pencils
Unique Youbeing unique and valuableidentity; mepaper; pens; paint or ink pads
Amazing Angelswhat makes us say 'Wow'Advent; Christmas; hope; thankfulnesspaper; pens