Educational Rationale

GenR8 aims to help primary schools to promote the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of all students through the provision of high-quality collective worship and other educational resources.

‘The ability to understand the faith or belief of individuals and communities, and how these may shape their culture and behaviour, is an invaluable asset for children in modern day Britain.’ – Why RE Matters -The RE Council

‘At its best collective worship makes a major contribution to the life of the school….for each person, collective worship can contribute to personal development in the widest sense. It gives a variety of opportunities for spiritual, moral, social, and cultural Development’– Guidelines for Schools – Collective Worship in Cambridgeshire © 1999 Cambridgeshire County Council

GenR8 aims to support primary schools in SMSC, Religious Education, British Values, PHSE, and pastoral areas of school life such as wellbeing.

Through our work we encourage students to learn about Christianity through:

  • exploring the character and person of Jesus;
  • learning about stories from the bible;
  • acquiring and developing knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and beliefs;

We also help students to learn from Christianity through:

  • reflecting on what Christians believe and the influence this has on their lives and to life’s challenges;
  • reflecting on themselves, others, and the world around them;
  • thinking about and responding to questions about the meaning and purpose of life and how we should treat other people;
  • developing student’s ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about the Christian faith.

We offer whole school collective worship, class activities such as ‘Inspire Prayer Spaces’, as well as initiatives focusing on specific year groups, such as ‘It’s Your Move’ and ‘Cool Choices’ for students in Year 6.

GenR8 operates within a Christian framework, but most of our activities are suitable for children of different faiths, or no faith at all.

For further information about how GenR8 can support schools please get in touch with Siân Thorne

Head Teacher’s Perspective

Click on the video link to hear about the work of GenR8 from a local headteacher.




"Thank you to you and the GenR8 team for another wonderful presentation. I’ve been at the school now for nearly 6 years and I’ve enjoyed them all. We all appreciate the time, effort and commitment you put into each presentation."

Head teacher about assembly presentation

"The whole day provided a calm, reflective and positive environment for the children which helps their learning as they reflect and question issues beyond the experience of the prayer space, back in the classroom."

Headteacher about Inspire Prayer Spaces

"What an amazing space! From start to finish the visit was wonderful. The prayer space day enabled the children to reflect and think deeply about issues which perhaps they wouldn't normally think about."

Head teacher about Inspire Prayer Spaces

"I think I can honestly say this was one of the best assemblies I have seen!"

Head teacher about assembly presentation

"It was outstanding. We look forward to making this a regular feature of our school"

Head teacher about Inspire Prayer Spaces

"The presentation was really great, and we all enjoyed it very much. The message was clear and really well pitched for the children, and you made it accessible for everyone."

Headteacher about assembly presentation