The Team

At the heart of GenR8 is a fantastic group of committed volunteers who give up their time to take a Christian message into primary schools. We are so thankful for their energy and enthusiasm without which we would be lost! Thank you!

GenR8 also employs one full-time director and a number of part-time staff to facilitate and run the day-to-day work of the charity.

Staff and Admin Team

Steve Whyatt. Director

Steve set up GenR8 with John Hardwick in 2001 having previously worked for Scripture Union in the Cambridgshire area as a field staff member specialising in schools, and also as a Baptist Church Youth Worker. He has been employed by GenR8 since 2010. Steve is married to Rachel and they have four children – Megan, Ellen, Millie and Alfie – with the eldest three daughters now in their 20s. The family home is in Cottenham where Steve and Rachel attend the local Baptist church. Click here for Steve’s latest prayer/newsletter.

John Hardwick. Co-Founder, Scriptwriter and RE Days leader

John is supported by Children Worldwide & Counties and brings his unique talent to a variety of different settings around the country as well as locally. John is an internationally known children’s song writer and author. John lives in Willingham and attends Histon Baptist church. Visit John’s website.

Siân Thorne. Inspire Prayer Spaces Director

Having grown up in Cambridgeshire I have known about GenR8 for many years and was part of the very first ‘It’s Your Move’ tour. More recently I have enjoyed watching GenR8 assemblies in my 8 years as a primary school teacher. I am so excited to start building relationships with local schools, inspiring children through prayer with Inspire Prayer Spaces.

Kathryn Gee. Administrator, PA to Director & Assembly Bookings Coordinator and team member

Kathryn is married to Simon has 2 children and has been involved in children’s ministry at Melbourn Baptist for many years. She returned to GenR8 in 2009 after several years’ absence. She has an extensive supply of props and dressing up clothes, courtesy of her children and particularly enjoys being part of the fantastic GenR8 team. She works part-time as GenR8 administrator.

Paul Brown. Bookkeeper and Assembly team member

Paul first joined a GenR8 assembly team in 2010 while he was pastor of Trinity Life Church. He took a few years break to train and work as a Maths teacher but rejoined the team in 2017. He really enjoys the opportunity to be very silly in public whilst taking part in GenR8 assemblies. He took on the role of bookkeeper in 2020.

Helen Tobiss. Communications Coordinator, PA to Director & Assembly Bookings Coordinator and team member

Married and with three grown-up children, Helen works part-time for GenR8 in communications but also volunteers as a PA to the GenR8 director, a job she shares with Kathryn. However being part of a lovely assembly team that visits local schools is what she enjoys most about being involved with GenR8.

Dianne Conway. Assembly Bookings Coordinator and team member

A key organiser within the GenR8 set up, Dianne is a calming influence on any GenR8 team she is part of. As an ex-teacher Dianne is in a good position to offer insight and advice in the realm of school. She also knows everybody in the Sawston area!

Bev Thomas. Assembly Bookings Coordinator and team member

After living in the North West for 26 years Bev & her husband Andy moved to Longstanton in 2015. Their two children have flown the nest, both working in the south east of England. A keen cyclist and gardener Bev is enjoying the sunnier weather in Cambridgeshire!  As a member of Willingham Baptist Church she helps with the youth group and promotes overseas mission. Previously a Teaching assistant she has enjoyed being back in school working with the GenR8 Assemblies team.

Jennifer Harrison. Assembly Bookings Coordinator

After retiring from a working life in business management and administration, Jennifer now spends more time helping in the work of her church at Oakington where she has been a member for 30 years. She assists in leading services and a weekly outreach and discipling fellowship group. Her daughter Alice is the drummer in the worship team and has previously been involved in the Xcellr8 weekends.  Jennifer is a great reader and having seen the appeal in ‘Across the City’ for admin help at GenR8, she heard the call! She is very pleased to now be part of the team supporting the vital work of GenR8 in schools.

Amy Robinson. Script Writer

Amy’s first tour with GenR8 was in 2008, since when she has moved from Cambridge to Suffolk, which doesn’t seem to have made much difference to her level of involvement! She is a freelance writer and storyteller and seems to have landed in charge of the children’s work at the church where her husband is Rector – now I wonder how that happened?! She has two children, Abigail and Jeremy.

Assemblies Team

Gillian Overitt. Sawston

Gillian lives in Sawston with her husband Andy. She has three grown-up children and five grandchildren. Gillian enjoys writing for children, her first book was published in 2012. She is excited to be involved in GenR8 and the opportunity to take the Christian message to children in such a fun way.

Carol Thorndike. St Ives

Carol is married to Bob and they have 3 children. 11 years ago they established a charity working to help local disadvantaged adults and children. Part of this work involves organising and taking children away on holiday where they will encounter new things, including experiencing God’s love for them. GenR8 is another way local children hear of His love, and Carol is excited and privileged to be part of this work.

Jane Farewell. Cambridge

Jane is a wife and mother of 3 grown sons. All four of her ‘boys’ are Canadian. When possible she enjoys canoeing in the wilderness, otherwise it’s on the Cam. When not out with the GenR8 team Jane loves gardening, cooking and DIY, but not all at the same time!

David Newton. Cottenham

David is a house husband, an ICT Teaching Assistant in a Primary School, and a member of Cottenham Baptist Church. In his early days in GenR8 he discovered his alter ego in the form of Gordon the puppet. In his spare time he enjoys almost anything which is outdoors and away from computers and phones!

Myra Gaunt. Chittering

Our Scottish tiger! Myra has grown in confidence enormously over the past couple of years and is a real asset to GenR8 as well as the Ely based Light & Life team. Myra throws herself into most roles (the trouble is she can’t get out!) and is an enthusiastic and key team member. She would be outstanding, but we can’t understand a word of her strange dialect!

Jan Newton. Linton

Jan has seen what teams do from the “other side” as she is a Supply Teacher. Having seen the enjoyment and excitement of children (and staff) when GenR8 appear, the opportunity to get involved was too good to miss! Jan is married to Mark and they have two children. When not teaching, she enjoys cooking and gardening and various types of music.

Gavin Howard. Cambridge

Gavin has worked with children for nearly twenty years, firstly as a volunteer children’s worker in camps in the U.S.A. and Britain and latterly as a class teacher for years 3 and 4.  He is taking a break from teaching and loves having the opportunity to share the Gospel with many who might not otherwise hear it.  He lives in Cambridge with his wife Lu, two children and dog Charlie.

Tony Daggianti. Burwell


Katalin Kovacs. Northstowe


Cheryl Titmus. Waterbeach


Linda Harvey. Godmanchester


Jackie Smith. Ely

Jackie is an ex headteacher who believed God was calling her to go to schools and do Christian presentations, which she has been doing under the name of Light and Life in and around Ely for 20 years. She joined GenR8 at its inception in 2001 and still loves being on team (even with Steve!) where she is able to release her inner child!

Peter Smith. Ely

Peter has been married to Jackie for 46 years and they still enjoy working together. He is a retired headteacher and, as well as helping to write some of GenR8’s material, has joined the team since retiring. Peter enjoys being able to share the gospel message with children, whom he sees as crucial to the future of the church.

Petal White. Cambridge

Petal re-joined GenR8 in 2010 after training at All Nations Christian College on the one year Arts Pathway course. Petal thoroughly enjoys her involvement with GenR8, describing GenR8 as a ‘wonderful set of people to work with’. She finds a joy communicating such profound messages from the bible through the channel of acting, puppetry and song while sharing about Jesus.

Gemma Harvey. Cambourne

Gemma joined GenR8 in 2015 and has found it a world away from being a healthcare scientist at Addenbrooke’s hospital! Gemma is working hard at keeping a straight face in presentations as it is so enjoyable!

Lynn Hawkins. Burwell

Lynn joined GenR8 in 2015, bringing much enthusiasm to the team. She has experience in youth and children’s work, as well as amateur dramatics. She currently works as a TA, alongside her role with GenR8.

Mike Sweetlove. Royston

Mike joined the Royston GenR8 team in 2018.

Sarah Thorne. Linton

Sarah has recently returned to GenR8 in a ‘job share’ role with the South team. Always enthusiastic and smiling, Sarah is a great ambassador for all that we do.

Lawrence Powell. Linton

Lawrence has been part of GenR8 since his neighbour and GenR8 team member Jan knocked on his door in 2009! Thankfully for us he didn’t put his house on the market. Lawrence brings a great sense of humour and charisma to the South team.

David Casey. Warboys

David has had a long term association with schools and education, from Schools Mission Weeks with SU in the 1980s, through to secular international safety education since 1990. ‘Schools work is never dull, meeting some really great people and being welcome to visit schools to share something of my life and faith has always been a privilege never to be taken for granted.’

David Walters. St Ives

David lives in St Ives with his wife of 7 years, Pam. He has taught in local primary schools for the last 30 years. In recent years he does some supply teaching and teaches sax and guitar privately, when not away! He has attended St Ives Christian Fellowship for 29 years and has helped with youth work and Sunday School. Interests include tennis, cycling, travelling and classic rock!

Laura Andrews. March

Laura first volunteered with GenR8 in 2004 and after a few years break has caught the GenR8 bug again! The opportunity to join with others in sharing the good news of Jesus in a fun way was just irresistible. The long journey across the fens to meet up with an interesting array of God’s creatures (other team members!) to do this makes it very worthwhile…

Inspire Prayer Space Team

Becky Campbell. Linton

Becky is married to Errol and has two children. She works as a Teaching and ICT assistant at Great Chesterford Primary Academy and worships at C3 in Cambridge. She loves reading, eating out and spending quality time with people. She is very passionate about Prayer Spaces in schools and connecting with her local community.

Janet King

After a long career in primary schools, which included watching quite a few Genr8 assemblies, Janet wanted to continue working with children. An Inspire training day back in 2013 showed her how to combine this desire with her passion for colour and fairy lights! She also works in schools abroad through SVN and Mission Direct and is a member of Bethel Baptist Church, Swavesey.

Alex Gullon

Peter Rootham-Smith

It’s Your Move Team

Chris Atkinson

Heather Magowan

Becky Morgan

Megan Rogers

Daniel Rowland

Emily Staplehurst

Daniel Stone

Lauren Timperley

Cool Choices Team

Paul Brown (also Assemblies)

David Newton (also Assemblies)

Bev Thomas (also Assemblies)

Cheryl Titmus (also Assemblies)

Weekend Team

Linda Hardy

Caroline North

Tim North

Gillian Overitt (also Assemblies)

Bev Thomas (also Assemblies)

Siân Thorne (Prayer Spaces Director)

Petal White (also Assemblies)

Xcellr8 Team

Core Team

Eliane Hamaia – Bookings

Callum Harding

Susan Meah – Minutes

Amelia Rowland

Andrew Staplehurst

Emily Staplehurst

Siân Thorne

Steve Whyatt

Main Team

Barbara Ashton

Mark Ashton

Julia Au

Ruth Barry

Rowan Braam

Alison Brock – Head Caterer

Nick Cairns

Becky Dear

Jason Dear

Callum Dickerson

Nicola Grieves

Lynn Hawkins

Paul Johnson

Bradley McMahon

Caroline North

Tim North

Hattie Staplehurst

Daniel Stone

Darren White

Clare Wilson

Young Team

Aaron Au

Boaz Au

Benjamin Booth

Sam Cairns

Libby Dear

Olivia Durrant

Lara Hagger

Esther Hawkins

Matthew May

Miriam Meeks

Naomi Meeks

Rebecca Morgan

Oliver White

Connie Wilson

Previous GenR8 Team Members