Inspire Permanent Prayer Spaces

Inspire Permanent Prayer Spaces provides resources to enable primary schools to create a reflective area so that children have the chance to explore values, faith in a creative and interactive way.

Permanent Prayer Spaces

A Permanent Prayer Space can be a chair or small area in a school that helps students to reflect and explore values, faith and beliefs in a creative and interactive way. GenR8 has developed a series of different resources that are supplied to a school on a regular basis. Local church volunteers aid in the delivery and set up of the space, supporting the spiritual and pastoral life of the school community.

Why have a permanent prayer space?

So that pupils can:
• continue to develop and learn skills introduced in the SMSC curriculum;
• build on previous connections and experiences with Prayer Spaces and engage creatively with their spirituality and what they believe;
• develop their understanding and experience of values, festivals, PSHCE and RE themes;
• understand that they have great worth and value in themselves, that their lives as human beings have a purpose beyond mere existence;

• be encouraged about themselves and gain resilience and understanding to equip them to face some of life’s challenges.

GenR8 currently supports thirteen prayer permanent prayer spaces in schools, working alongside local churches.

For more information on Inspire Prayer Space days or Permanent Prayer Spaces contact Siân Thorne –

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