As a group of trustees we come from a wide range of backgrounds – both professionally and in terms of the churches we attend. The common ground is a desire to enable the GenR8 team to continue to reach as many children as possible with a Christian message.

Over the past year we have seen several plans for the expansion of GenR8’s work develop from simply being an idea to becoming a reality, and that has been exciting to be part of. There are plenty of challenges in being a young charity, but also a very real sense of contributing to God’s bigger picture.

GenR8 Trustee Profiles

Liz Jenkin

Liz has been involved with GenR8 since its inception while she was a class teacher, and during two subsequent headships was delighted to welcome the teams into her schools where the children always greeted them enthusiastically. Since retiring recently to take up ‘Gran’ duties she has enjoyed watching the assemblies in her role as a school governor, usually with a toddler in tow. She also works part time at the University’s Faculty of Education as a tutor to trainee teachers and is an Elder at Great Shelford Free Church. Her husband Chris is heavily involved in Christian work on a voluntary basis and she enjoys spending time with him and their three grown up daughters and families.

Penny Kite

Penny Kite

Penny has been involved with GenR8 since a team arrived in her primary school in 2001. She was really surprised and delighted by the presentation, that seemed quite light-hearted and yet clearly showed the pupils how Jesus was relevant to them. From summer 2002, Penny wrote the follow-up material for schools on behalf of GenR8, and continued for the next 13 years, joining the trustees originally when the charity was formed. As a primary school teacher, Penny continued to enjoy the privilege of GenR8 team visits, seeing the team’s work through the children’s eyes. Although now retired from school, she is still involved with trainee teachers at the Faculty of Education, and leads the toddler group at Great Shelford Free Church. Any ‘spare’ time is taken by visits to her 5 children and their growing families.

Jane Magowan

Jane lives in Histon and attends Histon Baptist Church.  She is married to Pete and they have 3 children. Currently she is involved is various aspects of church life including pastoral care, Sunday School, and leading a Toddler Group. She trained and worked as a solicitor prior to having children and has enjoyed reusing some of those skills in helping GenR8 to become a charity. She enjoys gardening and trying to keep fit with her friends – if you are running too fast to chat, you are running too fast!

Nick Rogers (Treasurer)

Nick is Managing Director of Cambridge Software Engineering and has more than seventeen years commercial experience in the development of enterprise software solutions. Nick is a member of Histon Baptist Church and actively involved with the local Cambridge Ten Sing. A father of three girls, his spare time is limited and spent mostly in the garden or on a bike and occasionally in the local pub!