It’s Your Move

It’s Your Move is an interactive workshop for Year 6 students about to make the transition to secondary school.

GenR8 offers fun, interactive and informative workshops often led by teams including students from Years 11 and 13. These students share their experiences and give encouragement to Year 6 pupils approaching this major life change. The interaction between Year 6 students and the young team, who are not too far removed from them in age, can be of great value.

Visits to school are with an adult team leader and take place late in the summer term. Usually the ‘It’s Your Move’ booklets are presented to students at the end of the session as a gift from the local church.  The workshop is based on changes, challenges and choices and includes:

  • Phobias quiz
  • Small group work
  • Chillometer
  • Tips 4 survival
  • Joseph story

Workshops – Please get in touch if you would like to be considered for an in-person workshop.

Video – We have a video resource available for schools who are unable to have a workshop visit. Please contact us if you would like to receive a link to this video.

'It’s Your Move' booklet Photos

"Thanks again for letting me be part of It’s Your Move 2010 - I really enjoyed myself throughout the week (and if you need help again in future years, let me know!)"

James - Team Member

"Thank you for offering us the It’s Your Move opportunity. The children all said it was very good and it should be done every year. They particularly liked having the students input."

Primary Head Teacher

"...It was all very well organised and I appreciated the fact that the children were kept interested and engaged without being over-excited! I thought the team members were excellent and respected by the children. I should think the opportunity to think through one or two scenarios and possible consequences of different actions would be particularly useful."

Primary Head Teacher

"Thank you very much for arranging this for the pupils. They enjoyed the opportunity to listen to more experienced and hip youngsters, and I think it may have allayed fears and phobias. I really hope so."

Primary Head Teacher

"Thank you very much for coming into 'school name' with your team to talk to our Year 6 children about moving on to Secondary School. The feedback we received from them was very positive and they were thrilled with their books. We would very much like to welcome you back next summer."

Primary Acting Head Teacher

"Excellent opportunity for children to be able to discuss worries and concerns about secondary school in a safe and  supportive environment."

Year 6 teacher
Year 6 teacher

"Pitched brilliantly and the secondary students were amazing."

Year 6 teacher