Autumn Connect and Reflect videos

There are a new set of videos for the Autumn term. The Connect videos focus again on ‘Life Lessons’ and are accompanied by activity and reflection ideas for use in the classroom. The Reflect videos are an opportunity for children to stop, think and reflect on various aspects of their lives.

Connect videos topics this autumn are:

Keeping Going – looking at perseverance and choosing to keep going even when things are tough.

Words, Words, Words – the power of words, both spoken and written, can be enormous – both for good and building others up, but also to damage and tearing them down.

Who is my neighbour – looking at the commandment in the Bible to love our neighbour and Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan.

You are precious – looking at the value of each and every person –  something precious needs to be looked after with care and respect.

The Reflect topics are:

Bouncing Back – on resilience

Peace – what does peace means to you

Diversity Mosaic – celebrating diversity

All videos can be found with these links:- GenR8 Connect and GenR8 Reflect

Inspire Prayer Spaces resources available

We have also provided free Inspire Prayer Space resources that are designed to be used individually or in small groups, but could be adapted for whole classes.


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