Summer assembly tour

GenR8 is visiting schools in June and July with an assembly presentation – ‘Forgiving isn’t easy’.

Our summer assembly explores the importance of forgiveness, whilst acknowledging that it is not always easy to forgive people. We reflect on the fact that we all get things wrong, hurt others and let them down, even when we don’t mean to, so it is important to forgive as well as receiving forgiveness ourselves. The presentation contains the usual mix of songs, puppets, sketches and reflective moments. We focus on Matthew 18 where Jesus is asked about forgiving others and illustrates the abundance of God’s forgiveness with a story, known as the parable of the unforgiving servant. Christians believe that forgiveness should not be limited, but like the king’s forgiveness in the narrative, it should be generous and abundant to everyone, just as God’s grace and forgiveness is to us.


Royston team on tour

Royston team out on tour

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