Easter Tour 2022

Having visited a number of schools for the first time in two years with our Advent themed assembly presentation at the end of 2021, teams are enthusiastically gearing up for our Easter presentation this year titled ‘Love.’

The Easter story is explored through skits, puppets, and song where we aim to:

  • Reflect on how Christians believe that Jesus came to our world because He loves us
  • Look at the events of Easter through the eyes of Barabbas
  • Reflect on what Christians believe about the cross and why Jesus died
  • Look at the belief that Easter gives us the opportunity of having a brand-new start in life
  • Explore how Christians believe that we can be forgiven when we get things wrong

If you would like to know more about being on a GenR8 team do get in touch. We would love to be able to offer visits to all the primary schools who would like a visit in the local area.

Our Easter presentation will also be available on video at some point in March and will be added to this page:



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