Easter Video Presentations

As Easter approached the assembly teams enthusiastically set themselves the tasks of preparing 3 Easter Assemblies for schools.

  • Palm Sunday – The teams shared their favourite Easter eggs, some of which were uneggspected! A story from a child that witnessed Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, an unexpected King. But a King who came to demonstrate love, to serve and to offer people new ways of living lives.
  • The Last Supper – More uneggspected things to consider! Can you put a whole egg in a bottle without breaking it? There were a lot of unexpected things that happened with Jesus during Holy Week, a special meal, feet washing and betrayal to name but a few.
  • Good Friday and Easter Day – More uneggspected things happening with Jesus as told by a roman solider. The team explored that a cross can mean ‘wrong’, ‘love’, and ‘choice’ and that Jesus will forgive us for the wrong things we say and do if we accept His love for us and choose to follow Him. And then the most uneggspected thing of all as Jesus rises from the dead.

An example of each video can be found on the link below.


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