Inspire Prayer Spaces 

The last few weeks have seen Inspire Prayer Spaces happening in two Cambridgeshire primary schools in conjunction with local churches. A team from GenR8 were involved in setting up and transforming a space into a sanctuary of calm and reflection, giving children an opportunity to pray and talk to God if they wanted to.

The themes were ‘forgiveness’ to tie in with school values and ‘me, my community and the world’. Each theme had a range of prayer space activities from ‘Questions to God’ to ‘Being Still’ to ‘Family Tree’.

We left each school hearing inspiring comments about how the space had impacted the children and the staff and how important spaces like these are for developing children’s spirituality, well-being and mental health, as well as creating an opportunity for them to interact with God.

“It’s good to say sorry about the bad things you do because it gets it out of your head.”
“Pinning the prayer on the cross was like it was sending letters to Jesus, to God.”
“It felt like my problems were disappearing.”

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