6 videos for Collective Worship/RE – 9 Inspire Prayer Space resources

6 videos produced for Collective Worship/RE

This term teams that normally go into schools to take assemblies have been busy making videos for schools to use in the classroom or on home school platforms alongside additional resource activities and ideas.  During the term we have sent out 6 videos covering issues such as fear, courage, hope and thankfulness. Videos include puppets, songs, as well as a bible story.

It’s been encouraging to hear that many churches have used these videos in their work with children over the last few weeks.

Links for these videos can be found on the following GenR8 web page:




Supporting schools with Inspire Prayer Spaces

9 activities for prayer and reflection have been sent out to local primary schools on relevant issues children have and are facing at this time.  The activities are based on those carried out in an Inspire Prayer Spaces day but have been adapted by our friends at Prayer Spaces in Schools (GenR8 is a part of their regional network). These activities can be used in school or as part of home learning packs to support the children whilst learning at home.

The resources and themes can be used to cover a variety of curriculum areas – RE, SMSC, mental health and well-being (for school staff as well as children!).

They can be found here:


We were also able to support a school with prayer/reflective space ideas following the recent loss of a staff member.

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